Sandwich Bread

This line characterizes by ease of use in operating as it produces more than 6000 loaf per hour with regard to the loaf diameter and size, and the dough comes out of the slicer ball shaped weighting from 30 to 80 gr., and its fermenter diameter is 30 cm.


Arabic dough slicer that works on electro pneumatic double slicer system

This machine was designed specifically to slice the dough to equal pieces with high consistency and transferring it automatically to first fermentation, it also has a dough pelvis of a 75 liter capacity, made of stainless steel that prevents air bags to be formed inside. In addition to a compressing system for the dough balls (spiral) and flour spatter, and thanks the high accuracy of the slicing system, the bread loaves reaches the fermentation layers in order.

It has a multispeed engine to enable managing the production’s speed with the ability to manage the piece of dough weight from 40 to 100 gr with a sensor, works by an electronic system with air pressure.

Special features:

– The control panel to adjust the slicer’ speed

– A small chamber for extra flour to re-use it

– Extra protection procedures

– The power of two-opens slicer


First slicer fermentation

The dough balls that came out from the automatic slicer are carefully dropped into a multi-layer belts to be subjected to the first fermentation process.

This device is specially designed shaped as a tunnel consists of 5 layers which will provide you with the perfect fermentation method the dough is received sliced to ball pieces – as it pass towards the fermentation tunnel on special belts of high quality to guarantee the balancing process to start the first fermentation process. The atmosphere inside the fermentation is completely isolated from the outside atmosphere by transparent plastic windows fixed on movable metal interfaces which will allow monitoring the dough balls movements and makes the cleaning and maintenance process so easy. In addition this is a multispeed unit knowing that the fermentation process takes from 3 to 15 minutes as desired, and finally the unloading belts automatically and orderly transfers the fermented and pressured dough balls to the automatic slicer.

Special features:

– Completely made of stainless steel

– A monitor to collect all the extra flour in a stainless steel container to reuse

– Ultraviolet rays to cleanse the monitors and the dough from any possible precipitation and meat the global health standards

– Constituents for additional protection


Double-blade Arabic dough slicer

Given the importance and accuracy of the dough in the production process- this machine was invented to transform the dough balls into equal circular flat slices with a diameter of 8 to 10 cm with an electro pneumatic device that enables accurate control to the slicing process as its spattered with the least possible amount of flour, it is also provided with a multi speed engine which enables the control of production and perfect distribution.

Special features:

– Full control of the loaf diameter and its circulation as desired

– A monitor to collect all the extra flour in a stainless steel container to reuse

– Additional control panel to operate and stop the first fermentation and the slicer

Final Fermentation

Receives the circular dough slices from the automatic slicer, where the final fermentation takes place, afterwards the dough is automatically transferred to the fire house to finish the baking process. This unit is where the final fermentation of the dough is made-the circular dough slices is transferred by moving belts automatically toward the fire house to finish the baking process- and the belts have a multispeed engine to control the production and manage an appropriate fermentation degree from 5 to 25 minutes as desired, noting that these belts are made of high-quality materials resistant of adhesion, decomposition, and un-toxic to the dough. Also the atmosphere inside the fermentation is completely isolated from the outside environment by moveable, easy to clean, transparent windows, and the dough is delivered directly and automatically from the fermentation to the fire house.

 Special features:

– Transparent windows with aluminum frame from both sides in order to isolate the fermentation process from the outside atmosphere

– A stock underneath the fermenter to accommodate a large amount of spare parts

– Temperature and humidity controlling system to preserve the production’s quality

– Ultraviolet rays to cleanse the monitors and the dough from any possible precipitation and meat the global health standards

– Additional protection constituents


Automatic tunnel fire house

An advanced device, works on natural gas or diesel fuel using a specially designed burner to perfectly distribute the heat, in order to produce the excellent Arabic bread. This oven is the latest model that have been developed, it’s a very advanced device that works on diesel or natural gas based on demand and it’s designed to perfectly distribute the heat in order to produce the excellent Arabic bread- the oven’s body is wrapped with the best thermally insulating materials (Thermal bricks, mineral wool, and salt……etc.) that preserves the desired heat and help saving the lowest rate of the fuel, in addition to a special burner and electric control panel that facilitates accuracy and control, and also the oven’s external body is covered with stainless steel to provide it with a form and elegance fit.

Some special features:

– The firehouse is completely isolated by the best materials and the latest types of insulating materials

– Thermal bricks that are unique to us

– All the perishable pieces are made of stainless steel

– Front cover for more thermal insulating

– Heat resistant belts to move the dough into the firehouse

– Extra safety precautions


Bread cooling belts

The bread in transferred on these belts for perfect cooling till it reaches the packing place, these belts are made of heat-treated steel sheets that works nicely and quietly without any friction to be used for a longer period of time, its available in many shapes and measures and sizes (straight belts and angle of 90 degrees and 180 degrees), it can be installed on the floor in a spiral shape or on the ceiling according to the available space.

Some special features:

– Made of stainless steel, aluminum, and steel sheets heat-treated on demand

– Electronic system for transferring frequencies to control its speed without the need of changing the gear, with an stainless steel electric panel

– Includes protective devices


Dough pot hundred and fifty grams

The kneader can knead 150 kg of flour, as for the pot it’s made of stainless steel according to food standards with an engine of 5.5 horse power and production power of 160 kg of dough every 15 minutes and there are 3 fermentation kneaders that are added, made of movable stainless sheets by wheels to provide subsidence dough process.


Main Controlling panel


The control panel contains monitoring and operating devices and protection for all equipment and it’s manufactured according to the global standards.

Based on Volt scale, amp gauges, and watt scale it includes signal bulbs and on/off switches and other keys to better control the panel, but for the existent protection devices they are to protect the engines from overload and any deficit in the electric system, it also includes organizing the engines speed as required. The panel was designed by technicians and under the supervision of an engineering firm that specializes in these types of work.



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